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STK Cloud Trial

With nothing to install, this 14-day trial allows access to the full analytical capabilities of the software through your browser.

The trial includes all possible subscription modules*:

Trial is available for US and Canadian customers only.

*Trial also includes Analyzer, Astrogator, Conjunction Analysis Tool, Communications, Coverage, EOIR, Radar, Space Environment & Effects Tool (SEET), and TIREM. Some of these options are not yet available in subscription plans.


Before starting your STK Cloud trial, you'll need to signup for an account and review some important information.

STK Cloud requires:
  • account
  • HTML5-capable browser (IE and Opera are not supported)
  • fast, stable internet that allows web-socket connections
  • security settings applied to some networks may prevent a connection — see our Help for details

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Your trial will be good for 14 days from your first launch and can be extended a further 7 days if you take a survey to help us improve STK Cloud.

If you're not already logged into your account, you will be prompted to login when you launch the trial.

You must use this button to begin your trial, but afterward you can use the "Launch STK Cloud" button in the banner above.

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